WizKids is one young artist who came with lots of promises of a bright and exciting future. Somewhere along the line, I guess fame and fortune came suddenly and the boy started picking fights left, right and centre. Soon most of his songs started sounding just like a continuation of the previous ones. Lacking in the exciting creativity that listeners crave.
Most musicians who perform at events just come there to mime along to their CDs. But any A list artist worth his onions knows better than to just come and mime his CD.
Not our dear Wizzy. He did not even bother miming anything rather came to dance along to his songs playing and spraying money into the crowd. His voice was so un-point. Sounded and performed like someone just getting off from some dirty puffing.
No beef bro but you have to bury all your outstanding squabbles with colleagues and fans and beg God for better inspiration for a great 2015.
Most of our current musicians are in your age bracket and performed so much better. And are most likely to overtake you big time.
Olamide was the man to beat last year during the same event. This year he was awesome and came to do the business of performing which he did with aplomb and panache.
This is just my 2 kobo to a brother who I know won’t listen….

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