I will start this week with thanksgiving for how our God saved my senior friend and his wife from an accident that could have been fatal.
On Saturday, 20th December, 2014, they had bade their children goodbye as they were on their way to attend a wedding outside their Festac Town neighborhood.
Just as they drove out of 1st Gate going towards Agboju. A trailer laden with goods lost its brakes and ran into a Lexus RX330 being driven by a Reverend Father, hit it off its tracks and squeezed the 2011 Toyota Camry of my friend beyond repairs, a six footer driving while his wife was at the front passengers seat.
Luckily they were rescued unscathed.
That was how their 2014 would have ended on a sour note but for providence.
Deo Gratias….Thanks be to God for saving Barrister and Lady Ndulue.
May our Lord God keep saving his children from all forms of calamities this 2015 and turn all misfortunes to songs of praise and thanksgiving. Amen!

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