For several years traveling by road to and fro the River Niger Bridge during the year end used to be a huge nightmare.
The bridge constructed about 4 decades ago was not built to carry the capacity of traffic it carries during the yuletide season. The three lane bridge is usually stretched to it’s limits as traffic from the wider feeder roads from the Asaba and Onitsha ends funnel towards the entrance and exit of the bridge thereby creating traffic bottlenecks that used to defy all efforts of traffic law enforcers.
Prior to now, it was common for travellers to get to the Asaba end wanting to cross to Onitsha on the 24th of December to end up getting stuck there till the 25th.
But for about two years now, the Federal Road Safety Corps seem to have found a panacea for this. The hitherto traffic situation has been greatly reduced.
At some time, I remember the officers and men of the corps had to deploy lots of officers and men who form a human chain to ensure that lanes were demarcated and maintained. In doing their duty they were courteous and professional.
Aside from this, they also had men along the expressway waving red flags to motorists and imploring them to reduce their speeds.
Equally in cases where crashes occurred they were prompt in evacuating the victims.
The last yuletide was no different as these men and women were working assiduously to ensure free flow of traffic at this traffic flashpoint.
The 4 times I had cause to travel from Lagos to the East via the River Niger Bridge during the yuletide, I never spent more than 10 mins in traffic at the bridge.
And I also noticed a good synergy between them and other law enforcement officers like the Police and Civil Defence.
On behalf of other appreciative road users we say ‘Thank You FRSC’.
We pray that underfunding from the relevant authorities will not be your portion. And corruption and indiscipline will not rubbish the ideals of your formation.
God bless the Federal Road Safety Corps!

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