Kia is a Korean car maker that has over the recent years become a brand that churns out sleek, pretty cars that are both functional and fuel efficient globally.
Toyota on the other hand is a Japanese brand that has been around much longer than the Kia as a car manufacturer. Their cars gained popularity in Nigeria from the 80s when Nigerians fell in love with their reliability, fuel conservativeness, beauty and availability of spare parts and mechanics.
Both apparently do not share common DNA like what exists with the Kia and Hyundai. Or the Toyota and the Lexus.
But a funny incident that happened recently might be pointing otherwise. Or might be a major security issue that urgently needs the attention of both manufacturers.
A man who owns a Kia SUV and a Toyota SUV wanted to go out one morning with the Toyota. He got to where he keeps the keys to his cars, picked the ‘Toyota’ keys and drove off.
Getting to his destination, he got down, tried locking the car but noticed some difficulties.
But because he was running late for his appointment he left the car without locking the doors.
On coming out and wanting to go home, he took another look at the car key in his hand and voilà, it was the keys to the Kia.
Sweat broke out all over his body out of apprehension at the turn of events. Part of which was if the key would still start the car for his return trip to his house.
He got in, turned the ignition and the engine roared to life once more. He still drove the car back to his house.
This is not very good news for these two major manufacturers as this glitch in their car securities might be a fault they never thought of. Especially in this era that other car companies are outdoing each other in an attempt to improve the security of their cars and inherently, the investment of their respective owners.
I hope Kia and Toyota will do the needful to sort out this issue.
Have you had a similar issue and would like to share with us, kindly get in touch.

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