Policemen attached to the Trade Fair police station in Lagos State are in shock over a mysterious fire that gutted a commercial bus detained in the station.
It was gathered that the driver of the bus ran away after he was stopped by the police to present his driver’s license.
The policemen drove the abandoned bus conveying children diapers to the station but a strange fire was discovered about midnight inside the bus parked at the station.
The fire burnt some of the diapers and almost caused an inferno at the station but the policemen on duty were able to put out the fire.
A police source said “This is something that we cannot explain. We were sleeping about 2am that day when we saw a fire inside the bus. The fire was raging seriously and we ran to look for water and extinguishers to put it out. Though we were able to quench the fire but some of the pampers (diapers) in
the bus were destroyed. We were able to save some. We have been asking ourselves how that fire came about; there was no inflammable object near the bus and the fire started right inside the bus that its engine was not on. The bus was parked beside other cars for more than six hours and the key was with our oga (boss) so it is really strange and we can’t explain the fire”.
The police source further informed our correspondent that the owner of the bus is demanding N35, 000, 000 from the police over the incident.
“The owner of the bus is causing trouble. He came to the station and saw the extent of the fire but he is holding police responsible. He is asking for N35million for the damages because the fire also destroyed the bus and his goods but some traders are wading into the matter”.

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