Popular screen diva, Mercy Johnson is in a deep mess as you are reading this!
According to InformationNigeria, the popular Nollywood actress and mother of two is allegedly wanted by the Nigerian Police over a N2 Million unfinished movie debt.
This is not one of the storylines in the Nollywood movies as it was said that a movie Marketer, Film Mark Productions has accused Mercy Johnson of running off with over two million Naira, being the complete sum paid to her for a movie role.
Reports revealed that the marketer paid the actress March 2014 so as to star in his movie that kicked-off production in a month later (April 2014).
However, Mercy Johnson was said to have abandoned the location few days into the location, in which she only got featured in few scenes.
According to the movie maker, Mercy Johnson made an excuse that she wants to be with her family during the Easter period, and since he (the film maker) knows the importance of family, the actress was eased off from the location with the promise that she was going to be back to location in two days’ time…..but she was said to have never returned till this report was filed.
The filmmaker also made it known that he continued paying hotel bills for an extra 33 days, claiming it was all in hopes that the actress will return but they did not know that all her assurances to be back soon to location was all false hopes.
After several weeks of not returning, they heard she was pregnant with her second child and had traveled off to the US to stay out her remaining trimester’s before giving birth.
This made the Filmmaker to report the case to the Police and Mercy was declared wanted.
He insisted that he wanted his money to hire another artiste to continue with his job. Mercy Johnson has not returned to Nigeria from America where she welcomed her second child several months ago.
…….ghen ghen for the screen diva.

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