Music Festival Lagos, an annual musical event for lovers of good music and comedy is here again.
This year’s event has been scheduled to hold on the 6th of March, 2015.
In it’s third year, the show had consistently delivered on it’s promise of bringing a fresh dimension to the entertainment sphere in Lagos State.
Several musical stars had performed as upcoming artistes in previous editions and leveraged on the platform to ride to stardom.
The chairman of the organizing committee, Mr O’Brien Ufondu has reiterated his promise to go the extra mile in ensuring that this years event will be the ‘mother’ of all shows in Lagos State.
In ensuring this, world class companies are being contracted to handle different aspects of the event to ensure top notch delivery.
As usual, over 20 musical and comedy talents will mount the stage to entertain the crowd. And help them unwind after the hassles of the electioneering period in our country.
In the picture below is Mr Ufondu during one of the strategy sessions with some of the professionals to handle some aspects of the production of the event.
We shall keep you posted as events unfold. And you can also like their Facebook page…Music Festival Lagos and you might even be lucky to win gifts there.

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