Recently I was at a mechanic’s workshop when a woman entered with her very young son. As the woman was discussing with the mechanic, her son went straight to a car there, picked up the jack lying around and started trying to jack the car. It was such a cute sight.
That struck a cord deep inside of me. That was at the same age that my passion for automobiles started.
Even when my friends would be going for holidays during the long vacation, I would be hustling to go stay with a friend who operated a wheel balancing and alignment workshop.
And despite the ups and downs, I have stayed true to my passion-automobiles.
I was lucky that I enjoyed my course of study and have been able to still engage in automotive activities but many others just toil in the wrong field and end up dying with their dreams.
I wish children would be from the onset, directed in their right paths for their vocational choices instead of stampeding them into doing courses they didn’t want. ( I wasn’t mind you).
This way they stand to benefit from launching out earlier and making the best use of their youth in developing their God given talents.

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