Porsche 911 going all-turbo this year save for GT3 and GT3 RS.
The coming Porsche 911 GT3 RS will represent another high-water mark for the brand, and another milestone.
Its 500-or-so horsepower and extreme aero are predicted to lop more than five seconds off the 7:20 Nürburgring lap time of the current GT3, making it “comfortably less” than 7:20.
Beyond that, its naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter will form the basis of the turbocharged engines going into the standard range of 911s later this year as 2016 models.
That’s right – if you’re looking for a sub-GT3 911 that gulps its air without
compressed assistance, then you’ve only got a few months to get a new one into your garage.
Emissions regulations are the reason, of course, with Porsche’s R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz saying that, “Every new model will have lower CO2 than before,” and “if you look at euro per g/km, then it’s turbo.”
We don’t know what the engine lineup will look like, however; a few months ago Car reported that the base 911 would get a smaller-displacement version of the engine, while the S would stick with 3.8-liter displacement and jump to 520 horsepower, which is the same as the current Turbo.
After that, Hatz said, “at the end of the decade electrification has to be the next huge step.” That means a hybrid 911 is being cooked up somewhere.
Yet even as the brand leaps into the new, there’s a chance it could dip a toe back into the old: the 911 GT3 RS will launch with a PDK, but Hatz’s team
is considering adding the option of a seven-speed manual.
Elsewhere in the range, the Cayman GT4 is being engineered by Porsche Motorsport as an entry-level racer, with more power than the current Cayman GTS to go with some serious weight loss.
They are also developing a track-only model for privateers.
The standard Boxster and Cayman will get turbocharged flat-four engines, but there’ll be a sporty Boxster that also loses weight and gets more power than the 325-hp Boxster GTS.
And that mid-level supercar that’s been floating in the ether for years and supposedly sent to purgatory again just last November ? It’s on the way by 2020 “at the latest,” and will use a version of the new V8 that will eventually go into the Cayenne and Panamera

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