The Juke is a small cross over car from Nissan with looks that mean different things to different people. But that face looks soo…………distinct.
The guys at Nissan just released a picture of the car riding on what? A set of caterpillar tracks meant for devouring snowy mountains.
Now the looks together with those tracks defines a new category of menacing-‘sweet menacing’.
Prior to now, the Juke saw the same guys who did this at NISMO ( Nissan’s AMG equivalent) doing some abracadabra to transform it into a powerful speedster that that is capable of a 0-60mph time of 3.7 secs. And that model is called the Juke R. 
The Juke-R is a limited production run Juke with a Nissan GT-R ‘s VR engine that boasts 545 hp (406 kW). Nissan has recently announced a total of 21 Juke-Rs will be produced with the 2013 GT-R’s running gear and performance stats.
Photos below show the snow prepped Juke.Followed by a NISMO spec Juke and its side view.Then a ‘regular’ Juke.And the king, Juke R.

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