For years, KUHL Racing has been synonymous with crazy paint jobs sporting a unique metallic-like finish which is done by Artis and is called “3D Ultimate Engraving Metal Paint.” 
So when the finish finds its way onto a Nissan GT-R, it’s no surprise that the company didn’t stop there but instead went well over-the-top to create a machine like no other. 
On the interior is an Aero Monster body kit by Love Lark that was designed and created by KUHL Racing itself. To accompany the widebody are Work Wheels on all four corners while performance has been boosted with a plethora of goodies from Blitz.

Perhaps what’s even crazier than the project car itself is the fact that KUHL Racing will manufacture  the wild body kit and offering it to consumers worldwide. Naturally it doesn’t look as extreme without the fancy-named paint job and don’t be surprised if a few GT-Rs in the U.S. start showing up with the same styling as this car in the near future.

This is pure motoring ingenuity. And the car chosen for this project is also a motoring marvel with impressive performance.

                                         This is the ‘normal’ spec of the 2015 Nissan GT-R.

                                                 OVERVIEW OF THE ‘NORMAL’SPEC

Nissan’s GT-R may be fugly to some, but as an instrument of pure speed, it’s a thing of beauty. A 545-hp, twin-turbo V-6 and astounding, all-wheel-drive grip give the GT-R supercar performance. 

Its six-figure price is still cheap compared with anything else so quick. Numerous enhancements over the years have made it faster and more refined, with 0-to-60 times dropping below three seconds. Want more? Check out the NISMO version with 600 hp. This car’s not called Godzilla for nothing

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