A Chevy Silverado is not generally considered to be a compact vehicle, unless of course when it happens to be crushed between two big rigs while traveling down the interstate.
If you’ve managed to tear your eyes away from the image above, prepare to reengage your disbelief; Kaleb Whitby, the unfortunate owner of this once proud Chevy pickup truck, managed to walk away from this wreck needing only two Band-Aids.
You might be wondering just how Kaleb found himself experiencing the life of a canned ham? His predicament was the unfortunate result of a heavy fog that caused a 20 car pile up on Interstate 84 in Oregon.
Thanks to the heavy fog, Kaleb didn’t

                                              Kaleb still trapped in the wreckage

notice the jackknifed transport truck before it was too late. Taking evasive maneuvers prevented a nasty collision, but left his vehicle stalled alongside the transport truck. It was then he noticed through the fog another set of headlights as they bore down on him…

One thing is certain, Kaleb is a very, very lucky man. While he was able to walk away relatively unharmed, the nasty pileup resulted in 12 injuries, one of which has left a driver in critical condition.
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