Rolls-Royce is celebrating the history of India with its latest, extremely limited edition of the Ghost Extended Wheelbase called the Mysore Collection. Just three of these specially upholstered versions are being made.

These Ghosts are dedicated to Mysore, India, and to the Tipu Sultan there in the 18th century. They receive a two-tone blue and silver livery with a pinstripe featuring a stylized peacock running down the side. For the interior, they feature light-colored wood, white leather and blue carpets. However, the most obvious change for this limited edition is the inclusion of a tiger on each headrest.

Rolls did make one rather odd decision for this commemoration of India. According to the luxury brand’s Facebook post about them, the three special Ghosts are only for sale in Abu Dhabi. Although, the brand says, “In Arabic, Mysore also refers to wealth and power.”

This is really cool. But will be cooler with my names in place of those tigers. Rolls Royce take note.

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