Recently i served you the gist that British actor, Rowan Atkinson is selling his McLaren F1  that he had used as a regular driver and that had clocked a genuine and mighty (for a supercar) 41,000 miles or 65,600 km. Read here BRITISH ACTOR, ‘MR BEAN’ IS SELLING HIS MCLAREN F1 FOR $12,000,00

 It is a rare feat for a super car to conquer and this is what he has to say about using the supercar more frequently than most usual.

“You can take the car to the race track or over mountain passes but what make it so different to other supercars is that you don’t have to. You don’t need to plan a long distance journey with military precision before it’s worth getting out of the garage. You just get in and because it’s so small, comfortable and practical, go and do the school run. Or the shopping. Really, the vast majority of the miles have been accrued doing outwardly very mundane trips.
Probably my best moment in the car was just a few months after I took delivery. I remember driving down to Cornwall for a holiday with my two then very young children. We packed all our bags without problem, I put their child seats in the car, strapped them in and set off on the five-hour journey. I can remember looking at them a few minutes later and both were already fast asleep. And I thought to myself what kind of car was it that could seat three in such comfort, carry enough for a week away yet also do 240mph? There was no other then, and there is no other now”.
So, whip out your cheque books ladies and gents ‘cos the car in question will most probably sell for over $10,000,000.
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