Nice try Mansory, cool looking ‘war’ machine
One of Mansory’s world debuts at the Geneva Motor Show is the muscled up Sahara Edition based on the Mercedes G63 AMG. Sporting a redesigned carbon body covered with camouflage decal, 22-inch XXL alloy wheels and a hand-applied leather interior, the

rugged off-roader gets an impressive power output of 828hp.

Described by Mansory as the perfect desert off-roader, the Sahara Edition G-Class features significantly wider fenders and side skirts which expand the vehicle’s width by 40mm at the edges.

The front and rear have also been revised, with the Sahara Edition getting an off-road front bumper with under ride protection, while the rear bumper has been replaced by a customized carbon bumper. 

Other exterior changes include the new headlights, additional indicator lights, as well as four additional lights mounted on the roof of the vehicle. Obviously, Mansory also offers a wide range of wheel designs and sizes ranging from 21 to 23 inches. 

Inside, the customized G-Class features a completely redesigned dashboard and center console area, with the entire cabin being lined with marbled camouflage leather along with an embroidered stylized Falcon. 

                                                          Simple and elegant interior

Mansory has also modified Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbo V8 engine by installing racing components including pistons, connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, crank, cylinder head and other parts. 

Combined with the newly designed exhaust system, the modifications result in an increased power output of 828hp, while the maximum torque rises to an electronically limited 1,000Nm (737lb-ft). That’s 292hp and 240Nm (177lb-ft) more than the standard Mercedes G63 AMG.

                                      This car seems to be saying, ”bring it on, i’m ready for war”.

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