Yomi Casuals

News hitting the street indicates that Yomi Makun, the head honcho at Yomi Casuals just acquired a stunning 2012 Chevrolet Camaro.

Yomi Casual®   a label outfit that specializes in African design, especially cut-to-fit African design. Our designs are intricately textured and designed to stand our clients out in style. Our definition of Casual is deliberately the direct opposite of the Fashion World definition of Casual.

Yomi is in love with American cars, That’s a Chrysler 300 all blacked out.
‘Need further proof that tailoring pays well? Look no further.

One thing to know is that this car comes in either a thumping V8 or an also capable V6 with a 3.6 liter engine producing 323 hp . Either way, it will happily clock 0-100kph in about 4.5 secs flat. These twin tail pipes point at the spec of the car to be the V6 edition.

I love the fact that he happily flaunts his profession, tailoring. Kudos bro!

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