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The car you see here, a heavily modified Lexus IS F  from EKANOO with 3,000 horsepower was participating in a race at a race track in Bahrain when once the drag race started, the car started off normally till the engine let all 3,000 horses loose, overpowered the technical aids providing down-force and the laws of Physics took over launching the car into the air like an aircraft.

According to jalopnik, ”The car is, as you’d expect, not your stock, dentist-owned-and-operated IS F. EKanoo describes it on their site as:
Car features a Methanol burning custom Pat Musi 649 cubic inch aluminum v8 with twin Precision pro mod 91 Turbochargers feeding air through Precision Turbo PT3000 charge air cooler . It utilizes a Neal Chance Torque Converter to deliver the power to the ground by way of the Rossler TH400 Gearbox… The potential peak horsepower for the engine is estimated 3000 hp when the boost is at maximum of 2 BAR
So, you’d think, with all that heavy modification to the car, there’d be some more aero work done than a bolt-on spoiler? I know this is all a tricky business, why and how cars gain lift at speed, but I’m really surprised nobody noticed the front end getting really light in their tests? Is this the sort of thing that can just happen, with no warning? 

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