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 At the beginning of this March, one of my friends drove his Toyota Previa from Lagos to Enugu State.

On getting to Benin City, Edo State, before the turn off into the By-pass, he needed to refuel and drove into one of our NNPC filling stations there and filled up his tank ‘not with fuel, rather trouble’.

In my previous story on this same subject, read here BAD FUEL STORIES, i had tried not to mention any names but we can’t keep shielding such misdemeanors.

So after he bought the fuel, before he got to Onitsha, the car started jerking and by the time he got to Awka in Anambra State, the car stopped moving. Prior to stopping he had called me and i advised him to buy and use fuel treatment to help clean the fuel system of the car but this worked just briefly and soon got overwhelmed by the magnitude of the bad fuel he purchased there.

On finally being forced to stop at Awka, he got a mechanic who changed his fuel filter. This seemed to work for sometime, but before they got to Enugu, the car had slowed down again to a crawl.

On getting to Enugu, he had to go look for a mechanic who dropped the fuel tank, threw away the fuel in it, cleaned the fuel pump and voila, the car came back to life again.

He used the car for the two weeks he spent there in the Eastern part of the country and drove back to Lagos and is using the car on a daily basis without any drama.

It is very annoying that it seems like there is no one checking the quality of fuel being dispensed by filling stations in the country and they dispense what suits them to the unsuspecting public. It is more disturbing that even the NNPC that most Nigerians have come to trust can be the one breaching that trust without batting an eyelid.

Like Nigerian singer Omawunmi sang, “if you ask me, na who i go ask?” So in this case, who do we now trust?

I pray that this keeps being shared till it gets to the relevant authorities and something positive is done to save the public from this unnecessary predicament.

You may think you are safe because you don’t travel often or you drive a sophisticated car that can take care of itself, then you are kidding yourself because it happens even in the cities and most newer, sophisticated cars are more sensitive to bad fuel.

Some months back, i was at a mechanic in Lagos, where i saw a white BMW X6 with diesel engine. And guess what, the car needed a new engine which was finally bought for over NGN 1,500,000 because the owner bought bad diesel fuel somewhere close to Festac Town and just along the Amuwo-Festac Link road, the engine went kaput, died, never to be useful again.

Imagine the cost, embarrassment, stress, and other incidental costs involved when dealing with bad fuel.

Someone should please save us.

What is your own bad fuel story? We will like to hear from you. Please share.

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