I just got this assertion that Chevrolet had built a floating car best called hovercraft/hovercar from…..I knew it. GM’s been sitting on hovercar technology for years, and they’re just about to release it. How do I know? Because some IT person got sloppy and pushed the HoverTrax images to Chevy’s website before the announcement at the New York Auto Show. I mean, just look! That’s a hovering Trax!
It all makes sense — why else would Chevy make such a half-ass car like the Trax? Because, dummies, the wheeled Trax just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because they’re right about to announce the very first available hovercar, and that’s going to change everything….
…………..Hovercraft technology is a nice  technology, will this hovercar reduce crashes? Hehehehe. Still thinking about that , but in my tiny voice, nope. Does this package look good? Nope!
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