Maintaining safety on the roads is a very serious issue that can never be over emphasized globally. This is because road crashes usually leads to avoidable high cost of lives and properties.
 It is a fact that today, cars can easily attain speeds in excess of 187.5 mph / 300 kph and more people have easy access to such cars, yet various governments have put measures in place for people not to be over speeding and more dangerously, racing on public roads. 
There are several racing grounds closed off only for the use of ‘boy’and ‘men’ racers.  Yet some people just love racing on public roads, endangering their lives and the lives of other innocent road users. 
Some days back in Los Angeles, a Ferrari was alleged to be racing a Porsche around 10:45 pm when the $250,000 / NGN 53,250,000 Ferrari 458 lost control and ran into a wall seriously damaging the car. 
The damaged Ferrari. Image courtesy of
This happened at the intersection of Van Ness Avenue and Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles. No death was recorded but it is believed that the driver of the Ferrari was injured on his wrist and the driver of the Porsche stopped his car, got out, went over to the Ferrari and argued with the driver after he had crashed then got back into his car and sped off. 

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