I saw this and was speechless. At nearly one million Dollars, this is a lot of money for a car having a made-in-China badge. 
I had wanted to ask who re-invented the 404 till i looked inside
But looking at the picture very well, you get to start seeing that this is a very luxurious vehicle though maybe not in the league of the British and German marques. 

I’m sure you love this simple and spacious interior
Ladies and gentlemen this is the Hongqi (Red Flag) L5. Made by FAW Group Corp and unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show and already an order was taken at 5 million Yuan / $803,000 / NGN 180,742,500. 
Honestly this can teach some lessons on simplicity, elegance and functionality to some major brands
Hehehehehe. This money will start off lots of businesses for one in Nigeria. But hey, money is meant to be spent……if you’ve got it and no problems.
According to jalopnik,…it’s powered by a 6.0-liter V12 with 408 horsepower, is 20 feet long, weighs nearly 7,000 pounds, is loaded down leather and wood and tablets, and has those old-school good looks its owners crave….
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