This year’s April 1st/April Fool’s Day, i was busy pranking friends and family because for some years now i had been at the receiving end. Not knowing that several continents away, the ultimate April Fool’s Day prank was being played out by a dealership of the ultimate driving machine. 

This video from youtube shows us how the New Zealand arm of BMW decided that this year’s April Fools needed to be stepped up some notches. They ran an advert in the local newspaper saying that the first person that will come into the office asking for Tom will receive a brand new car in exchange for their old one. 

And there were hints in the ad that it was part of an April Fool’s Day prank. 

A joke right?


Two ladies drove in, walked into the office, asked for Tom, and were handed the keys to a brand new BMW 1 Series with the aptly licensed plate number, ‘NO FOOLS!’

BMW Nigeria, we are waiting for our own.

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