Bugatti Veyron is one car that took the automotive world by storm and pushed the frontiers of performance for production cars to the extreme. Blasting from standstill to 60 mph/100 kph in less than 2.5 secs, and throttling all the way to over 250 mph/400 kph in leather clad comfort is not an everyday achievement. 

But that was possible with power blasting forth from an 8.0 liter, W16 powerplant churning out 1,001 horsepower, all assisted by 4 turbos. And as you should know, power, insane power comes at an insane price. Yep, the ‘standard’ Bugatti will burn a hole worth more than $1,400,000 in your pockets. 

So this is where the British born supercar at a budget price excels. The Ultima Evolution is your alternative to the Bugattis of this world. 
A ‘cheap’ 95,000 Pounds Sterling will buy you the fun of a Bugatti at a fraction of the cost. 0-60 in 2.3 secs beats the hell out of a Bugatti. 1,020 horsepower also spanks the Bugatti. With a 6.8 liter V8 churning out the power and a weight of 950kg you will also smile at the filling station more than when filling up a Buggatti. 0-100 mph takes 4.9 seconds while 150 mph is reached in 8.9 seconds. 
But the Bugatti shows whose the boss at the top speed department as the Evolution manages a ‘paltry’240 mph/384 kph

According to,  the Evolution also offers you satnav, iPod and Bluetooth connections, a heated windscreen and reversing camera at that price. 
I just pray the Evolution can get a bit prettier and enjoy the fame while it lasts before the Veyron replacement, the Chiron (pronounced Shiron) gets ready in 2016.
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