Say what? Yep, $10,000 for a pedal push bicycle. You see, when you have made a good name, you can just about make any product and be confident to sell and sell out.

Ferrari bicycle. Image courtesy of

Ferrari, the Italian maker of super high end cars teamed up with their partner of 60 years, Pininfarina to create this iconic bicycle that will retail at $9,835.

Only 30 of them will be made and you can be sure that they will be almost all be snapped up just the way those who are well heeled snap up the $2,000,000 cars. And it doesn’t matter whether they are fine or not as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Least i get carried away with my ranting, the bike will feature cross-woven leather on both the saddle and handlebar grips, a chrome -plated, hand-welded steel tube frame finished in veneered walnut and briar-root coating, and a small electric motor.

And ehm, no airbag. No ABS. No climate control. So i am not buying. As if i would.

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