I felt great pity for the owner/driver of the 1998 Honda (aka babyboy in Nigeria) as the car decided to break down on the eve of Easter. The car eventually slept on this spot somewhere in TransEkulu, Enugu State almost throughout the festivities.

I imagine how they must have made plans of where and where to go to with the car only to be royally disappointed. But these incidents of Honda cars having their ball joints pulled is a frequent phenomenon in Nigeria.

Most cases, ball joints give warning to the driver before pulling but reports from most victims driving Hondas (especially older models) is that theirs hardly warn before going kaput. And these same range of cars also used to have gearbox issues which was resolved by Honda from their 2006 models so i hope this issue also won’t plague their newer models.

But i got to respect the brand after a friend used the 2007 model mercilessly to ply the Lagos-Togo route consistently for over five years and the car never broke down though he was very good at maintaining the car.

Honda we still love you even after killing the Crosstour. Sad face!

What’s your Honda story? Gist us. 

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