Last week i did the story on the female actress that deliberately lied about being the only female stunts driver on our beloved Fast and Furious movie. 

If you missed it, please read it here FAST AND FURIOUS 7; LYING, FAKE STUNT WOMAN EXPOSED.

Furious 7's "Only Female Stunt Driver" Is Full Of Shit
Sulinh being interviewed. Image courtesy of

Well, she is now very remorseful and had issued an apology on her Facebook page. Read below:

With the utmost humility and regret, I wish to apologize to the Stunt Community, the Production Crew of Furious 7, and Universal Studios for the fabrication, inappropriate and misleading claims I made concerning my involvement in the movie.
My behavior was extremely inappropriate, and lacked the respect the Stunt Community deserves.
More importantly, I take this opportunity to apologize to Debbie Evans and all the stunt women, for attempting to take credit for their work on the movie, and I ask their forgiveness.
With sincerest regret and remorse.
-Sulinh Lafontaine

It is good to forgive and forget. If i remember well, the stunts coordinator for the movie said they will forgive but not forget. 

What about you? Will you forgive and forget or forgive only? Or simply forget and not forgive? 

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