Remember the story about how a Chinese Company copied and produced the Range Rover Evoque? Read here Copy cat Range Rover Evoque on display at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Evoque wannabe with proposed BMW name-X
I asked if there were no laws to address the issue but from all indications and reports, Jaguar Land Rover, makers of the authentic product cannot fight the company in China and they cannot stop its production also. 
According to, On Monday at the Shanghai Auto Show, JLR’s Ralf Speth said the British company owned by Tata would just have to live with the Landwind X7 that was also at the show, “there are no laws, there’s nothing to protect us, so we have to take it as it is,” Speth said.
Very sad!

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  1. Great to hear this. I hope some other readers will write in and share their experiences. But i believe they have come of age to stop the complete copying of other company's designs.


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