Taxis are a modern city’s prestigious way of getting around town for those who can afford it. In some cities, they are not very expensive while in others, they are.

In most cases, taxis are usually gotten from the bland cars that are easily mass produced. But what do you say when you see a taxi like this?

Maybach Taxi. Image courtesy of

That is a hyper luxurious Maybach being used as a taxi in Russia as reported by For those who are new to the game, Maybachs mostly sell for dpuble most S-Classes.

But if this doesn’t cut it for you and you want something more macho and less cosmopolitan, then the next non-conformist taxi also found in Russia but this time in St. Petersburg should.

A decommissioned army amphibious vehicle. Image courtesy of

I would have been tempted by the first one but i will like to play with the turret on the second one. Maybe use it to blast some holes somewhere or maybe just use it to go fishing.

Which is your pick?

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