SUVs are made for off- road driving. But these days you find more SUVs posing around town doing the most mundane stuff that ordinarily would have been delegated to the sedans et al.
When off-roading is the task at hand, Land Rover is usually a major contender. Consistently making the top three brands that can strut the rough and muddy terrains confidently. 
So i wonder what will make Land Rover call off an off-road convention near Flagstaff, Arizona because (clears throat), ehm, it was too muddy.
Land Rover, in case you’ve forgotten, you made this car. Image courtesy of Jalopnik

According to Jalopnik, Land Rover had a course set up at an off-road convention near Flagstaff, Arizona this weekend to show off their wares, which they bailed on using Saturday because it rained and got really muddy. At least their rigs looked nice sitting in the grass.

I know, I know; “Safety First.” Whatever, this was not some weaksauce dealership demonstration for customers to learn what “low-range” means. We’re talking about a hardcore event that’s basically the premier gathering of the off-road industry’s best equipment purveyors and expert operators: the annual Overland Expo.
Land Rover regularly takes advantage of this excellent marketing opportunity and sets up an off-road course at the event, on which you can check out their equipment or “run what you brung.”
Rover trots out its latest and greatest along with historic hero trucks and drivers that have competed at the highest level of extreme endurance driving in some seriously gnarly places.
Why would they bail out on such an event? We will like to hear from you.
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