The battle between the Nigerian security forces against Boko Haram insurgents has been on-going in the Northern part of the country for several years now.

Several types of military hardware had been deployed by the security forces but only one brand mostly used by civilians was deemed fit enough for our brave and battle hardened security forces to be integrated into the battle front.

With all sense of humility may we all doff our hats for Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux.

Toyota Landcruiser serving as troops carrier on patrol. Image courtesy of Beegeagle

These two models saw consistent and violent action in the frontlines, helping out with troops mobility, surveillance, towing artillery guns, shouldering machine guns blasting away at enemies, reconnaissance and taking our President on his visit to the troops at the battle front.

The Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux have been instrumental in the win of our security forces especially the Nigerian Army in the battle against Boko Haram.

Toyota Hilux armoured by Proforce ready for deployment. Image courtesy of Beegeagle
Toyota Landcruisers with survellance and observation equipment. Image courtesy of Beegeagle

It should be noted that these two models did not have any modifications carried out to either their engines or drivetrains except for the configuration at the back to suit whatever role it is needed to play. With this, Toyota has proven once again to be a maker of very rugged, reliable and efficient cars that can be adapted to whatever situation and operating environment whether for civilian or military use.

A Toyota Hilux carrying troops headed for action. Image courtesy of Beegeagle
Rear of a Toyota Hilux with Nigerian Airforce attack helicopters. Image courtesy of Beegeagle
Even President Jonathan visited the troops in a Toyota/Lexus SUV. Image courtesy of Beegeagle
Toyota Landcruiser with a machine gun on patrol duty. Image courtesy of TimesLive
Toyota Landcruiser towing an 105mm artillery gun. Image courtesy of Beegeagle
The Toyota Landcruiser at the just concluded Lagos Motor Fair
Interior of the Toyota Landcruiser
Rear of the Toyota Landcruiser
Toyota Hilux at the just concluded Lagos Motor Fair

Despite the fact that most of these vehicles are mostly found in the cities posing around by rich folks, just know that when next you see one around you, doff your hat for it and if possible, give it a kiss and say, “thank you”.

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