The Lagos-Badagry Trans-Western African Coastal Highway is the road that connects Lagos with Dakar, Senegal. Right now, the Lagos portion is undergoing very extensive expansion, increasing it from the hitherto four lanes to ten lanes with rail lines to help reduce the pressure on the roads.
Proposed Lagos-Badagry Expressway. Image courtesy of
Work started in 2012 on this expansion and some progress has been made. Including the building of some bridges, train stations etc. But the train bridge located at the Orile Area gives me cause for alarm. 

I observed that some of the joints have some questionable edges. The dimensions of the concrete beds are mostly irregular, some very obviously wider than others, but the real issue for me is that some of the concrete beds seem like after they cast them at their production yard, the construction company got to the construction site to realize that the measurements didn’t fit and had to patch in concrete extensions for the edges to measure up.
Extended joint
I am not an engineer, but my basic knowledge tells me that concrete works don’t easily accept  extra concrete extensions after initial castings are done.
Extended joint
I call on you more knowledgeable and experienced readers to check this with me and if need be let necessary changes be made. Check out more pictures below.
A seemingly ok joint 
Another extended joint.
Uneven joints between different sections
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  1. Hmmmm….. This is serious. It is a disaster just waiting to occur. I don't even know why they didn't give the contract to JB and gave it to CCECC. I no trust those guys work at all.


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