Some states in the United States of America, Texas, Arkansas and Okhlahoma are experiencing devastating flash flooding at the moment. Entire towns have been reported submerged and the floods are yet to recede. Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, several killed, and many more missing. 
A video just emerged of a man driving a white Jeep grand Cherokee and inexplicably is found in right in the middle of a flood path in an unenviable tug of war between man made machine and brutal force of nature.
Flooding on the streets of Austin, Texas. Image courtesy of The Guardian.
From the video below, the man is alive inside the almost submerged Jeep, with his foot holding onto the brakes as can be seen from the brakelights that indicate that surprisingly,

the car’s electronics were still functioning right under the water and he was using the brakes to gain traction while rescue arrives.

It is quite a pathetic scene as people gathered on safe grounds along the bank or the ‘river’ helplessly watching the man battle alone.

                                                        Video credit: Youtube

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