The 17th of April 2015 was the day a young promising man and others lost their lives in one of those avoidable road crashes that happened at Umuahia on his way from Abuja to Aba in Abia State.
Somayina had boarded a bus for the trip but they never got to their destination as they had a head-on collision that claimed the lives of everyone in the bus except for two passengers.

Crash Site. Images courtesy Dike.
Somayina did not make it. 
It is very sad that such crashes still occur frequently on our roads. The drivers of these heavy duty trucks seem not to value human lives and forget that they have a huge size advantage because of their vehicles and they will crush any smaller car in the course of an incident. Though this is not to say that drivers of smaller cars should remain on their lanes claiming right of way when faced with a rampaging heavy duty truck. 
As in most cases just like this one, the driver, when apprehended, could not even communicate in Pidgin English, then how will he read road signs?
It is instructive to know that their company has of recent embarked on massive driver training and even established a driving training facility but maybe some of the drivers are yet to be trained or are yet to abide by what they were taught at the training school, that’s why they still get involved in incidents like this.
Whatever the case, the company needs to do more to ensure their drivers apply more decorum when behind the wheels and on the highway.
Somayina has been buried and is survived by a wife and three children.
RIP Somayina Mbanefo.
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  1. We need stringent laws on trucks and truck drivers. Collision with these are always fatal. So sad, that could have been some one great whose life was just terminated prematurely


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