Sometimes you get massively annoyed with the manner some folks park their cars especially on spots where they shouldn’t.

Here in Nigeria, it is usually the norm to find cars parked right in-front of or under a very conspicuous sign warning people not to park at that spot. Even a signboard with the emblem of the Nigerian police which usually is displayed where the owner of the spot has gotten an official permit that prohibits people from parking at the spot in question. But you find people who brazenly park daring such signboards. 
Construction sites are mostly restricted to the general public except for the workers essential to the construction itself. But also here, you find drivers taking a shortcut through construction sites in order to beat traffic on the main roads or even outrightly parking their cars at construction sites. 
But the video below shows how a construction company dealt with such obstruction this June in China as they deployed their ‘punisher’ excavator to ‘re-park’ the offending vehicle-a BMW 5 Series and a Jeep Renegade with the BMW seemingly taking the brunt of the assault.

                                                         Video credit: Youtube

I wish i have an excavator and the permission. Some people will find their illegally parked cars in the lagoon.

Do you also wish to have an excavator? We need to know.

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