The P1 is a car that McLaren has used to once again raise their automotive game. Very lovely in design and awesome in performance. Now a new guise has been released by their that almost makes you nearly doubt your competence with differentiating between a red and black car.

Mclaren P1. Images courtesy of Carscoops
According to Carscoops, you can look at this Black & Red P1 in two distinctive ways. First and foremost, it’s a black McLaren P1 with a whole bunch of red accents and pinstripes, both inside and outside.

The interior looks great and isn’t ruined in any way by all the ‘red’. Also, the red that fades into black on the doors is downright brilliant – so whoever came up with this design should be really proud of it.
Even the wheels look awesome! Such an amazing job overall, don’t you think?

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