Next gen 7 Series. Images courtesy of Autoblog.

German car maker, BMW is about unveiling the next generation of its flagship model, the 7 Series in a couple of days, specifically on the 10th of June.

Autoblog reports that the sedan is essentially a rolling technological showcase and offers functions like remote-controlled parking that’s run from the key fob. 

Inside, using the infotainment system is possible with three-dimensional gesture control by waving your hand in the air in the right area. 

The extensive amount of CFRP in the passenger cell also helps save 287 pounds over the previous generation. 

If buyers are really looking for opulence, they can also reportedly order a massive, panoramic glass roof and a leather-covered engine cover.

Expect a full rundown of all of the 7 Series’ lavish features when the sedan debuts.

Ladies and gents, dust off your cheque books and get ready to place your orders. Remember to also order one for me your cyberfriend.

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