Fuel scarcity has been biting real hard in Nigerian cities for more than one month now. This gives room for the blooming business oil bunkerers are experiencing now as they tap into NNPC’s pipelines supplying petroleum products and siphon as much petrol as they want and sell to the public at roadsides.
Fuel bunkerers on transit. Images courtesy of Mr C!

This dangerous act goes on despite the huge dangers associated with it ranging from pipeline explosions to arrests by the Police.
There are many pipeline routes all over the nation including Lagos State. And most of these have fallen victim to these bunkerers including the one that ran along the 7th Avenue Festac axis. 
Look closely behind the boat to see the bags filled with fuel being towed to the depot.
The bunkerers get their product from the pipeline and ferry them with wooden canoes along the canal that runs the breadth of 4th Avenue by 6th Avenue to their depots where they now dispense into 25 and 5 liter jerry cans.
Most times, the fuel somehow leaks into the water and they use foam to soak it up from the canal then squeeze into their containers further contaminating the already contaminated canal also contaminating the fuel to be sold . 
And because they transport the fuel with minimal care, the fumes from the fuel most times envelop the whole area endangering peoples health and safety. 
One of our readers was gracious enough to send in pictures of these unlicensed fuel transporters ferrying their products.
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