The drams involving the former presenters of BBC’ Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May is yet to abate. Every other day, news keep filtering out about whether the former trio are set to start off another motoring show as a trio or not. 

(L-R) Richard Hammond and James May. Image courtesy of Theguardian

Recently Netflix was also roped into the drama with speculations that they were about plying their trade with Netflix but all for now have been all smoke without fire. 
Again, more speculations have cropped up as reported by AutoblogJames May and Richard Hammond will reject a 4-million-pound (about $6.1 million) offer from the BBC to return to Top Gear sans Jeremy Clarkson.

If true, this isn’t a particularly shocking development. Since essentially day one of this long-running saga, the hosts have made clear that they’re a team, and that a show without one of them would never work.

So where does that leave Clarkson, Hammond, and May? Well, The Mirror is citing an inside source who claims that, along with long-time producer Andy Wilman, the trio are “very close” to signing a huge deal to produce a program for streaming giant Netflix. Maybe House of Cars is more realistic than we thought.

“They are all very excited at the prospect of having total editorial control over their new show, to make it and get it distributed,” the source told The Mirror. “It would be groundbreaking and also incredible [sic] lucrative. They would stand to earn much, much more than they would with the BBC.”

While Hammond and May won’t be returning to Top Gear in the long term, as we reported previously, the pair were on hand to film links and studio segments for the final episodes of Top Gear’s 22nd season. The final few episodes were shelved after Clarkson’s “fracas” with producer Oison Tymon.
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