This lovely piece below was contributed by Mr. Ayodeji Peter Oyedokun, a Pioneer member Federal Road Safety Commission, General Manager Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Currently Pioneer Chief Executive Officer, Lagos State Drivers’ Institute.
The recent directive by the
President elect General Muhamadu Buhari, to his drivers and security motorcade to
obey traffic rules and regulations is a heart-warming one to those of us that
are engaged in the task of ensuring safety of lives and properties on our
Mr. Ayodeji Peter Oyedokun.
This is coming from a backdrop of
the fact that political interference has been a major challenge to road safety
practice in Nigeria.  It is the job of
our leaders, politicians and legislators to create the context and awareness to
move Nigeria from her present status of being the second most dangerous country
in the world to one of the best in terms of safety of lives and properties in
the Highway Transportation System.
The fear
being exhibited by our refereed Professor Bolaji Akinyemi is not a misplaced
one but the directive of the President elect should be seen as clarion call
to  safety and security agencies
including those responsible for providing and maintaining road furniture an
fittings to wake up to their responsibilities.
The present
situation on all major highways, where there are absence of interactive road
signs and pavement markings, where broken down vehicles are left unattended to
for days without warning signs, where contractors fail to put effective traffic
management processes and procedure at construction sites leading to loss of
lives and serious injuries, with no one held responsible for the lapses should
be addressed as a matter of urgency.
The directive is a call for
security agencies to step up Intelligence gathering, efficient policing of
black spots along of the routes and highways. This directive is also expected
to ginger up related agencies to ensure prompt removal of obstacles on Nigerian
highways, provide real time information about conditions of the highways,
ensure efficient traffic control, carry out effective monitoring and control of
traffic signal lights, prevent road side and ‘inside’ traffic trading, hawking.
Nigerian road users as well
traffic law enforcement agencies have a lot to benefit from this admirable and
forward looking directive from the president elect.  I believe that a ‘Yellow Card’ has been
issued to remove impunity from our highways.
It is the beginning of sanity and
discipline on our highways to ensure safety of lives and properties.  The current situation where almost all
vehicles, from Road Traffic Unions, Bank Executives, Big boys in the society
use sirens  and drive with reckless
abandon disregarding  and disobeying  road traffic rules and regulations,  pushing smaller vehicles off the roads
leading to serious injuries and fatalities.
The belief that security is
guaranteed when traffic rules and regulations are flouted cannot be
justified.  We have seen many traffic
accidents involving the high and mighty in the society, most of these are due
to the fact that speed rules are disregarded, sirens are used obtain Right of
Way forcefully. Their drivers feel above the law and forget that Road Traffic
Crashes has no Diplomatic or other Immunities.

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  1. Nice insightful piece. Road safety agencies all over the country need to mount regular campaigns using all media especially radio. Within the towns the biggest menace are machinists and Keke NAPEPists who do not believe that they should obey traffic rules. m umaru


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