Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather recently put his newly acquired but rarely driven Enzo Ferrari hypercar on sale through the same exotic car dealership that sold the car to him, Fusion Luxury Motors headed by Obi Okeke.
Floyd and his Enzo. Image courtesy of Autospies.
The car has already gotten several people haggling on who will finally clinch the rare car. And this is no fight for the shallow pockets as TMZ reports that three billionaires are part of the people interested in buying the $3,800,000 car and they have gotten calls of interest for the car as far away as from Nigeria.
Awesome. I want my Naija folks to clinch the deal. 
Images courtesy of TMZ.
But TMZ also reports that most of the would-be buyers are coming up with some caveats on what they also want from Mayweather to consumate the deal.
According to Okeke, “I got some crazy request from a 60-year-old man who wants to buy the car — but only if he can lace up some gloves and spar in the ring with Floyd in his gym.”
Here’s a list of some of the other requests coming from people who made a full-price offer:
— Buyer wants a 1-on-1 dinner with Floyd
— Buyer wants a video shoot with Floyd and the car
— Buyer wants Floyd to make himself available to take a picture with buyer’s entire family  
Okeke says 3 of the potential buyers are people who have made Forbes’ Billionaires List … though he says he’s going to keep the names private for now. 
We’re told Floyd has scheduled a meeting with Okeke to decide how he wants to proceed with the sale … stay tuned. 

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