Just saw this awesome Toyota Sienna looking very badass. Don’t worry, it’s is not a war machine rather is a special build-off by Toyota herself for a special road trip organized by the company with a fleet of Toyotas for 110 days. Actually, it’s meant for a corporate transcontinental retreat on the road for staff in the US. 
Toyota Sienna ‘Macho Edition’. Images courtesy of Jalopnik.
As you might have guessed, the Sienna will be the cynosure of all eyes from among the fleet of other Toyota cars and why not?
Jalopnik explains that the base was borrowed from a Tacoma then the Sienna Shell bolted on, prepped for the SEMA Aftermarket Show.
This Ultimate Utility Vehicle is likely going to spawn a whole new line of vehicles in the very nearest future as I am so in love with it. 
Some other vehicles in the road trip fleet.
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