The Honda Prelude was a car i fell in love with while growing up especially the third and fourth generations because of their beautiful sleek proportions and honest but sweet handling prowess. Until Honda decided to spoil the fun with the fifth generation with that queer looking headlights and a-no-longer-sleek body. That ended my love for Preludes. Until now.

Front of a non-modified Honda Prelude 2000 model. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Rear of a non-modified 2000 Prelude.

I just happened upon this wonderful creation of a single individual who took a 2000 model Prelude and perfectly incorporated a second, functional engine into the car. Now he wants to sell the car on ebay
Modified Honda Prelude. Images courtesy of ebay.
The project as he describes it was done by a team of engineers for a senior project class at OIT. We had to spend 9 months doing something, we chose to do this build. I sponsored the project which began in 2009 after my mom passed away from cancer in 2008. This was a very challenging project, took  about 1000 hrs of labor and research, and I am only willing to let it go to a true car enthusiast that will appreciates the passion and care put into this build. The reason for selling is to help build a local church and pay off debt.
From the look of things, the exterior of the car is just slightly modified and does not give away the potency and uniqueness of the car till gearheads notice the fully functional vents on the side of the car and on the boot/rear bonnet and the doubled exhaust pipes. 

While the interior retains its original state and a large new gauge resident on the dashboard. Also you now have to share the interior with the second engine which is separated from you a la chaffuer and owner in a  limousine style with a metal removable panel and a quick release ‘hood’ panel. Thankfully, the air-conditioning is still working fine. 

Then you learn how to operate a car with two ignition keys to start the two engines which are stock 2.2 liter DOHC VTEC and produces 200hp and 211nm power apiece. So combined, you get double the power and both engines send their power to both wheels in an opposing front-mid-engine format thereby creating an interesting 4WD configuration.

So where does this all lead to if not improved power and dynamics? Yeah right. Without going into the physics of the construction, just know that the car does a straight line acceleration of 0-60mph in mid 4 seconds while generating 0.8 gs in gravitational force.

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