Everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage right? In motoring, it is known that tall SUVs have a higher chance of a roll over under adverse situations. Though they also have a higher probability of saving the occupants in the event of a crash. 

But in a crash between a highrise Mitsubishi Pajero and a bungalow Mazda3 hatch, the Pajero flipped three times in the aftermath of the headon collision. 

Right before the impact. Images courtesy of Carscoops.

Carscoops reports that the accident happened at around 7 in the morning on Sunday, July 5, in the Odessa region in Ukraine

Apparently, the driver of the Mazda either fell asleep or was shortly distracted and veered onto the side of the road losing control of the car and sliding into the Mitsubishi SUV. We counted at least three complete rollovers before the Pajero’s dash-cam went dark

Even though the video might suggest otherwise, amazingly, the family of three in the Mitsubishi was unscathed – no doubt, they were all wearing seatbelts. 

The driver of the car, Andrey Melko said: “Today, my entire family has a new birthday. Thank God, we’re all alive and not harmed. I want to thank everyone who stayed and helped us”.

                                                        Video credit: Youtube.

I thank God for saving your lives. I also hope the occupants of the Mazda also fared well.

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