You know the now rested Maybach 57 and 62, the ultra luxurious cars made by Mercedes for those who want top notch luxury while seperated from the Mercedes crowd? But do you know that these massive cars have a coupe sibling?

Meet the Maybach Xenatec.

Maybach Xenatec. Images courtesy of Carscoops.
This is a special edition built by specialist coach builder Xenatec and is now offered for sale by its previous owner.

Wealthy folks like to stand out from the crowd and since a car is one of the easiest ways of acheiving that, they commission coach builders to create special editions either strictly for them or in very limited numbers to drive exclusivity and value.

According to Carscoopswith only 3,000 Maybachs delivered over a 10-year period, you can say the German limousines are quite rare. Still, the only thing missing from the constructor’s line-up at the time was an opulent coupe to go along with the luxurious brand. 

 Xenatec wanted to build 200 Coupes based on the Maybach 57S, but eventually completed only six before itwent into liquidation. The car for sale here is the last of the bunch and can be described as the rarest modern Maybach you can get your hands on. Sure, the price is a little steep – $1,240,001- but the car makes up in exclusivity. It’s currently listed for sale by a private owner on Auto Trader and it can be seen at the London Motor Museum. 

 The only question now is, will this Xenatec Maybch become a revered collectible and take its place among other illustrious coachbuilders, or will it remain just a converted and butchered 57S? Well, knowing that Xenatec constructed the cars using Daimler’s expertise and advice, we can be sure these exquisite automobiles are top notch – engineering wise and design wise. So yes, the car will probably grow into a highly-desirable collectible. 

 Moreover the Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, the same man that penned the Maybach Exelero. So, you can probably say the coachbuild ‘Bach is the descendant of the all-mighty prototype. 

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