I have seen the perfect reason why i should buy a Maybach 62S.

The Maybach 62S is a very luxurious car in all ramifications, you can’t even finish listing all it has. And it is also very powerful and fast, boasts of over 600hp and can do 0-100kph in 4.8 seconds and sprint all the way to 250kph. It is ehm, very handsome. It is very expensive, over $300,000 is not tea monoey. They have stopped making it. If you are in doubt of the opulence of the car, check out the following pictures.

Maybach 62S. Images courtesy of Topspeed.


Yes, a tow truck found out the hard way.

A Maybach 62S was parked along a street directly under a sign prohibiting parking there so city officials came with their tow truck to come and ‘pick’ up the offending car.

After getting about with the preparations and getting to lift it, they realized they were biting more that their truck could chew. And they took the honourable path of dropping the car back on the ground before the behemoth breaks their tow chain.Unfortunately, the car touched down now angled more into the road.

Hehehehe. they should have read the specifications of the car before attempting that to learn that the car weighs in at over 2,700kg. That is 2.7 tons.

So now you know why i need to buy a 62S, so i can be using it to block the whole street and dominate any tow/lift battle.

                                                     Video credit: Youtube.

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