Having moved on from the issues that cropped up after he ‘mistook’ a producer at the BBC for his sparring partner, Top Gear’s former host, Jeremy Clarkson will soon start smiling again as his new job at Amazon is set to pay him so much more than his former job at the BBC. His co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond and producer Andy Wilman will now also earn more handsomely and closer to what JC earns unlike what obtained at the BBC where they earned half of what he earned.

Jeremy Clarkson. Image courtesy of Telegraph.

According to Autoblog, based on his new fee, it’s widely believed that Jeremy Clarkson will become the highest paid television host in the United Kingdom. The Telegraph is reporting The Orangutan, as he’s not so affectionately known by his cohosts, will make 9.6 million pounds or $14.7 million per year (at today’s rates). That works out to about $1.225 million for each of the planned 36 episodes. Hammond, May, and EP Wilman will be making a smidge less, of course. The Daily Mirror claims they’ll each make around $11 million a year, or about $915,000 per episode.

These figures are made more astonishing when you consider just how much the BBC, which is publicly funded by way of license fees, paid its hosts. Clarkson’s pay has increased nearly tenfold, from the $1.53 million he made on Top Gear (part of which was paid by BBC Worldwide, the entity that raked around $230 million selling the rights to TG across the globe). And while Hammond and May are still making less than their loud-mouthed partner in crime, they’ve closed the gap compared to what they were being paid at the BBC, where Captain Slow and the Hamster received half of what Clarkson did.

Let’s get the game started folks.

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