Road rage is very bad, aside from crashes that might occur, you just never know who you will be up against and it doesn’t matter who was at fault or not. Avoid it at all costs ‘cos there are people with cotton-wool in their brains all over the place.

Road ‘Rager’. Image courtesy of Carscoops.

The subject in this video just happens to act like one of them-cotton-wool brained species as he showed gross road rage against another motorist and the whole incident was caught on a dashcam.

Yes, we don’t know what happened but we saw how it nearly turned very fatal after the driver of the Renault Clio brandished an axe from his car to use on the other driver who sensibly reversed away from danger. 

But this seemed to aggravate the road ‘ragers’ anger as he pulled a gun, cocked it and let off two rounds that luckily didn’t hit the targeted driver. 

Adding insult to the whole injury, he sped off, jumping a traffic light.
                                                          Video credit: Youtube.

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