A man has been arrested in Canada after Police discovered that he had practised what he probably watched from Bond movies by installing a plate number mechanism that disappears and reappears at his command. He uses the system to avoid paying tolls on Canadian roads.

He was nabbed after an off-duty officer driving behind him noticed that his 1993 Geo Metro didn’t have a plate number as they were driving towards Maple Ridge across the bridge from Langley but once they had passed the toll cameras, voilà, a magic but valid B.C. plate number appeared in place. 


RCMP alleges Port Coquitlam man evaded toll-bridge fees by manipulating licence plate
The mechanism he uses to pull the magic. Image courtesy of Vancouver Sun.

According to the Vancouver Sun, “the officer took down the license plate number and started making inquiries.

Officers identified the registered owner, and later the driver of the car. Police followed the driver again and watched the plate drop down to avoid the toll cameras, then spring back up again when the car was past them.

Police pulled the driver over and arrested the driver for fraud.

A search of the car turned up a cable system to manipulate the license plate.

Photos released by the Surrey RCMP show that a wire ran from the plate to the driver’s seat. The driver could pull on the plate to pull it up on a hinge.

Maybe he forgot that Bond movies are shot movie sets and not public roads and policemen in the movies are part of the cast.

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