Do you remember that a Chinese company, FAW Group Corp made a million Dollar car? Well if you forgot, read up here…CHECK OUT THE NEARLY ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHINESE CAR.
When pictures surfaced of the car that will cost a whooping $803,000 dollars, a lot of people scoffed their nose and wondered how well this car will sell.

The Parade Car With The President. Image courtesy of Car News China.

Well we don’t know the sales figures for the Hongqi limousine yet but what we do know is that the car even has a stretched version which featured prominently at the recent 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The stretched version of the Hongqi, which means the Red Flag, was deployed as the presidential car to ferry their President during his inspection of the parade and other important sites.

During the parade, aside from the gargantuan  Hongqi CA7600J parade car.
there were two other parade limousines that served as camera cars following the President while the head of the military rode in a slightly different model known as the Hongqi H7.

But the sweetest of the models was not deployed during this parade because maybe it was too sweet and sexy for such serious minded parade and celebrations….Just thinking out loud.

The Open Top Parade Car. Image courtesy of Car News China.

But i will end this post on a sad note because these parade cars CA7600J and CA7600L are manufactured exclusively for the government so we ‘lesser’ mortals will have to make do with that ‘small’ H5.

The Smaller H5. Notice the compare it with the Parade Car. Image courtesy of Jalopnik.

When will Chinese automakers start sparing us the confusion the names for their cars regularly cause?

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