I was on my way to an event and needed to top up my fuel at a filling station, between Obanikoro and Onipanu along Ikorodu Express Road, Lagos.
I got to the pump and told the attendant to pump #1,000 worth of PMS. He did. On a second thought I told him to add #500 more to make it #1,500. He told another attendant to man his pump while he stepped aside.
The new attendant punched in 500 on the automatic mode which I saw but I failed to notice that there was a decimal point somewhere in between.
A fuel pump dispensing fuel into a car. Image courtesy of Royal Times, 
The machine started dispensing the fuel into my car and for an inexplicable reason an instinct told me to watch the meter closely.
Hehe hehe.

What did I notice?
The machine was pumping in slow motion.
I allowed it to finish and the guy made to close my fuel filler cap, I had by then checked the meter well and discovered a discrepancy. I asked him how much fuel I requested for and he replied #500. I asked him how much fuel he dispensed and he replied #500. I told him that is not what his meter is displaying.
Guess what?
This dude dispensed #50 fuel for me.
Luckily I discovered on time and called him out on it.
He apologized and started afresh and dispensed #500 worth of fuel to me.
This is just to remind you all to always pay attention when next you go to buy fuel so that you don’t end up buying a fraction of the amount you paid for.
But should we give him benefit of doubt that it was an honest mistake?
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